The importance of diversity training in businesses today

Effective training of new employees results in employees who:

The importance of diversity training in businesses today

Consider the Following Scenarios: Austin is a project manager who is tasked with choosing a team for an upcoming project. This project has tight deadlines and will require members of the team to work late hours. Austin first chooses two team leads, Mike and Jeff and asks them for their suggestions on the other team members.

When they come up with the list, Austin sees that they have left out women from the teams. On questioning, he finds out that both of the team leaders were not ready to consider women for projects requiring late working hours.

A project team of 10 members includes two members of the Muslim community. The team meets every day for a minute discussion on progress on the project. Every Friday, the two Muslim members tend to miss the discussion as the timings clash with their prayer timings.

Their absence is causing resentment among the other members, and the group plans to penalize the two for absenteeism. What is Diversity Training?

Company human resources departments and managers of various departments face innumerable such scenarios day in and day out. To handle such issues, many companies incorporate diversity training in their training agenda. Diversity training is an initiative taken by most companies to create awareness of diversity issues and bring about cohesiveness in teams.

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But when did this concept start? And What is it that they do in diversity training? How do you train a team in diversity? And Are there different types of diversity trainings? When Did Diversity Training Start? Diversity training started in thes in response to civil rights movement. This laid the foundation for a black and white equality in the workplace or for that matter, anything that required teams to work together, even sports.

He brought together black and white players to create a world-class football team. Apart from color; diversity includes gender, race, religion, caste, and disabilities.

Although these are important and most commonly discussed diversity aspects; people may show diversity in terms of personality types introvert or extrovertattitudes, values, family background, and willingness to take risks.

It is important for companies to consider all these aspects while building project teams. A team that has all members who are not willing to take risks will not be an ideal team nor will a team where all the members are risk takers.

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An optimal balance of both types of people will make a successful team. Are there Different Kinds of Diversity Training? And What do you do in Diversity Training? Diversity training can be divided into two categories: This type of training is generally used as a sensitizer for employees.

It deals with making employees aware of the importance of diversity in business. It also makes employees aware of their prejudices and cultural assumptions about others.

The training uses case studies and experiential exercises as the method of training implementation. Various tools are used to take the employees from the awareness to the proficiency stage. Diversity training may be conducted as lecturesslideshowselearning coursesinteractive gamesand role plays.

All these methods have their own benefits and drawbacks. But, each method contributes to the awareness in its own way.The Importance and Benefits of Diversity.

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May 14, The encouragement of diversity benefits society. In society today, most people view diversity as a good thing because it gives people. The diversity training workshop at one entertainment company involves not only general diversity training, but also covers a broad range of specific diversity-related topics such as seminars on AIDS in the workplace and sexual harassment awareness training.

Sarah Cultural Diversity Workplace diversity refers to the variety of differences of people in the work environment.

The importance of diversity training in businesses today

It is very important to understand cultural, ethnic, and gender differences by managers and Professionals in a business setting these days. “Diversity training is about recognizing there are differences and being open and honest with each other,” Novak says.

Diversity programs within organizations include awareness training and leadership development for members of groups who are underrepresented in top positions in the organization.

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Inclusion in the corporate world is a priority today, and corporations try to avoid issues of diversity at their own peril.

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