Teknosports persuasive memo

Learning objectives Students will select an issue that they care about and craft a persuasive letter around that topic.

Teknosports persuasive memo

This was to benefit all the members of the complex because the management found that it was important for the employees to engage in exercise. Since the firm was located at an area which was remote, the fitness center would work as an enticement for many people.

It would especially target the young generation which were found mostly to use the facility frequently. The fitness center has enhanced the productivity of the staff. This has happened due to the increased energy which has come as a result of the exercising process.

The boss who has been using the facility since it was installed is an example and he claims that his productivity has increased tremendously. He is very enthusiastic with it as well and this makes him like the working place. The facility is very important as well in terms of health improvement.

The employees who used the fitness facility frequently had their health improved. This was shown by the review of the cost incurred in health related complications. When employees are healthy their productivity will also be commendable hence the facility is very essential.

The rate of absenteeism was low for the employees using the facility as compared to those who did not use. Absenteeism in most cases was caused by ill health. Teknosports persuasive memo therefore proves the point that exercise was improving the health of the members.

Absenteeism affects the functioning of the company. Heath is the key thing to a working nation. If the citizens are healthy their working will also be high. It is imperative that improving their health will lead to a healthy nation and more productive nation.

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It will be wise to prevent the health problems than to treat an employee over and over instead of using the money for other developments in the company.

Also frequent lose of employees due to death from problems which could be prevented by engaging the members in useful exercise will not be any better and will give a bad image to the potential employees in the market.

Taking care of our employees will lead improve their morale; they will feel appreciated and will work tirelessly for the company. This will improve the productivity and self motivation of the entire group of the employees. Protection and care of the employees in areas which matter most like in health will see the company attract many new recruits to work in the company.

This will give us an advantage over the other companies with whom we compete with. To increase the number of the employees who use the facility we should encourage them to use the facility by showing them its benefit. We can use the members who have been using the facility as an example to encourage their colleagues.

This facility is very economical if we were to increase the number of its users by employing of some drastic measures. It will see the company solve some very serious problems which face many companies today; these are the problems related to health which include the absenteeism due to ill health and high costs incurred in the treatment.

Summary about why I used the principles I used in the memo In my argument I factored out some facts which were very essential for the community of the company.

Some of the major things I put into consideration were the economic factors and how they relate to the health of the staff and their effects to the company as a whole.

A company will not be counted among the best if it produces the most but it neglects the working conditions of those who lead to the increased productivity.

Teknosports persuasive memo

I considered checking the health of employees to be among the areas in where the employees can be taken care of. If the spending of the employees is controlled by making sure that some costs are taken care of will imply that their livelihoods are improved as well hence better performance.

Many incentives can be given to the employees but if their health is not taken care of it will not be appreciated very much. Oxford Last modified on Friday, 09 December Teknosports Persuasive Memo. TO: Harri Karvinen, President FROM: Tony Tsao, Helsinki Regional Sales Manager SUBJECT: Innovative Initiatives in Communications and Training DATE: 8/2/ As the Regional Sales Manager for Helsinki, I really enjoy working with my team to bring our products to the customers.

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