Social media and the workplace

The reasons for doing so include increased vulnerability to viruses, loss of productivity and, more often than not, a lack of true understanding of the potential power of social media for businesses. Social media can definitely be a distraction to employees, but when used effectively it can be an invaluable tool for productivity. Investment Scams Employee Communication Workers who communicate easily, accurately and quickly have the best chance at being productive and effective. As those who grew up using instant messaging and other online contact systems advance in the business world, why not take advantage of their fluency in these communication technologies?

Social media and the workplace

You might find it odd for a law firm, but they're really interested in social media too. What a refreshing change. The first survey and research report was based on results from When a law firm begins surveying and analyzing social media, you know it's going to be different. This isn't your typical data that reports on number of users, number of comments or number of posts on internal collaboration and social platforms.

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The version is chock full of very interesting tidbits that you may want to pay attention to, including: That's alarming, if you ask me. Another bombshell from the report came from the following: In nearly all the jurisdictions, an employer is permitted to prohibit the use of social media sites during work, both on equipment provided by the employer and on the employee's own devices That's right, apparently in all jurisdictions other than the US where Proskauer was conducting the research, country law dictates an employer can actually block social media sites on BYOD -- Bring Your Own Device to Work -- situations.

So if I'm at work in Canada, and I'm using my own iPad on the company wifi, my employer has the right to block me from utilizing LinkedIn if they so chose. It doesn't give the employer the right to monitor where I go, but they can block access to it. It's but one study, however, if the trend continues into -- and through other research papers -- I'll become even more alarmed than I am at the present time.

I would hate to see any more increases in the percentage of companies blocking access to external social media at work.

Social media and the workplace

Has anyone banned the smoke break? Sure, you can't smoke at your desk anymore that's a good thing but people are still smoking outside or in designated smoking areas.

The National Labor Relations Act protects the rights of employees to act together to address conditions at work, with or without a union. This protection extends to certain work-related conversations conducted on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. When it comes to social media for collaboration and information distribution, social media is a great way to involve employees and brand ambassadors from all positions and levels within your organization with the purpose . Social media has changed the way that organizations think about communicating publicly. Instead of simple press releases, organizations are now using the same tools as .

Shouldn't we be thinking about social media the same way? Shouldn't we be educating workers on the better social media behaviours as opposed to simply turning it off or blocking access to it?

It seems to be a huge step backwards in the quest to create a more harmonious, open and collaborative workplace.May 06,  · The firm recently published the third version of its "Social Media in the Workplace Global Study". The first survey and research report was based on results from About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world.

It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research.

Should You Block Social Media in the Workplace? |

A growing number of employees are using social media at work for both personal and professional reasons. The Use of Social Media in the Workplace The Use of Social Media in the Workplace About Mayer Brown Mayer Brown is a global legal services organization advising .

Jun 28,  · Social media is no longer a novelty. 73 percent of Americans use at least one of eight popular social media platforms, which include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, according to the Pew Research Center.

However, the use of social media in the workplace toes a fine line. 56% of workers who use social media platforms for work-related purposes agree that social media distracts from the work they need to do, with 30% agreeing strongly.

Some 42% of these workers disagree that social media is a distraction. 54% of these workers agree that social media breaks help them recharge at work.

A statistically similar proportion (46%) disagree that social media breaks help .

Should You Block Social Media in the Workplace? |