Service learning writing assignments

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Service learning writing assignments

There are many variations and each have their usefulness for different applications. According to Kerissa Heffernan, there are six general models. Discipline-Based Discipline-Based Model In this model, students are expected to have a presence in the community throughout the semester and reflect on their experiences regularly.

In these reflections, they use course content as a basis for their analysis and understanding of the key theoretical, methodological and applied issues at hand.

This model presumes that the students have or will develop capacities with which to help communities solve a problem. Capstone Course Capstone Course Model These courses are generally designed for majors and minors in a given discipline and are offered almost exclusively to students in their final year.

Capstone courses ask students to draw upon the knowledge they have obtained throughout their course work and combine it with relevant service work in the community. Service Internship Service Internship Model This approach asks students to work as many as 10 to 20 hours a week in a community setting.

As in traditional internships, students are charged with producing a body of work that is of value to the community or site. However, unlike traditional internships, service internships have on-going faculty-guided reflection to challenge the students to analyze their new experiences using discipline-based theories.

Service internships focus on reciprocity: Undergrad Community-Based Action Research Action Research Model Community-based action research is similar to an independent study option for the student who is highly experienced in community work.

This approach can be effective with small classes or groups of students. In this model, students work closely with faculty members to learn research methodology while serving as advocates for communities.

This model assumes that students are or can be trained to be competent in time management and can negotiate diverse communities. The course instructor serves as the advisor for the directed study option.

Such arrangements require departmental approval and formal student registration. Ways to Integrate Community Engagement into an Existing Course There are many ways to integrate community engagement into an existing course, depending on the learning goals, the size of the class, the academic preparation of the students, and the community partnership or project type.

Below are some general tips to consider as you begin: Some course objectives can be met when the entire class is involved in a one-time service project.

Arrangements for service projects can be made prior to the semester and included in the syllabus. This model affords the opportunity for faculty and peer interaction because a common service experience is shared.

One-time projects have different learning outcomes than ongoing service activities. Option within a course: Many faculty begin community engagement with a pilot project. In this design, students have the option to become involved in the community-based project.

A portion of the normal coursework is substituted by the community-based component. For example, a traditional research paper or group project can be replaced with an experiential research paper or personal journal that documents learning from the service experience.

Required within a course: In this case, all students are involved in service as an integrated aspect of the course.

This expectation must be clearly stated at the first class meeting, on the syllabus, with a clear rationale provided to students as to why the service component is required.

Exceptions can be arranged on an individual basis or students can transfer to another class. If all students are involved in service, it is easier to design coursework i.

Class sessions can involve agency personnel and site visits. Faculty report that it is easier to build community partnerships if a consistent number of students are involved each semester. This type of class involves students in research within the community.

The results of the research are communicated to the agency so that it can be used to address community needs. Action research and participatory action research take a significant amount of time to build relationships of trust in the community and identify common research agendas; however, community research projects can support the ongoing research of faculty.

Extending this type of research beyond the confines of a semester may be best for all involved. Upper class students can explore ways their disciplinary expertise and competencies translate into addressing community needs.

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Other community-based classes within the department can prepare the student for this more extensive community-based class. Community engagement projects with one or more partners may span different courses in the same semester or multiple courses over a year or longer.

These projects must be broad enough to meet the learning goals of multiple courses over time, and because of this they may have a cumulative impact on both student learning and community development that is robust.There will be a series of written assignments related to your service-learning project.

In preparation for the write-up of the final project report for the community partner (along with other possible final products like videos, curricula, maps, etc.), students will prepare a written work plan and two progress reports (schedule to be provided).

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G Indiana Geology – Assignment #4. See Course Calendar for Due Date. For this assignment, you have the choice to participate in a local service learning pro.

ject and relate your work to Indiana’s environment, or write an. Use the following writing prompts to help you compose your essay. Michigan State University's Service-Learning Writing Project offers the following examples of service-learning assignments for writing courses: A series of articles for a local non-profit environmental agency newsletter, informing citizens of new policies covering trash pick-up and yard waste.

This element is designed to get you more familiar with the concept of service learning and provide you context for your project. Remember, all assignments must be typed, double spaced, include numbered pages, and be turned in on the due date at the beginning of class in your service learning binder.

Ideas for Reflection Reflection can happen in the classroom, at the community organization, or individually through course assignments.

There are a wide range of meaningful reflective practices and strategies that can be incorporated into service-learning, . (Five hours of service) Points. Part I: Volunteering in the Community. For your Service Learning Project, you must complete five hours of community service for one organization and it must have occurred between September 1, and May 11,

service learning writing assignments
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