Research papers on higher education in india

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Research papers on higher education in india

Have you ever encountered UK students? The UK's education is so great, that they have to import a large proportion of their PhD students and academics Look at the nature ranking for research by institution, you will find that CNRS suddenly ranks very highly they are French.

As in any other country too.

Research papers on higher education in india

These universities are highly ranked to a large degree because of their research output. Arguing that their research output is high because they're highly ranked is therefore circular.

Having fully embraced the "publish or perish" dogma in the UK I will guess most applies to the US too, but I have lived in the UK means that there is a desire to produce as much "output" as possible to create a recognised brand, which hopefully attracts more research funding and international, fee paying students.

This has become particularly clear in the UK in recent times, with an excessive focus on rankings for academic and their work, be it h-indices, "impact factors" and whatever they have come up with lately.


There is a new metric of some sort that one university uses. This of course ignores the fact that research often needs time to be appreciated and utilised.

Sustainable Development through Research and Higher Education in India

In part, such visibility can be achieved by employing lots of PhD students - and even large "Russel Group" universities are not immune to effectively becoming diploma mills, at least on the level of individual research groups. Where the system comes full circle, is in the way that research funding is awarded: Often applicants for grants can benefit from showing a large publication record which again promotes the publication of quantity over quality.

The simplest visible effect of this 'world view' is the splitting of large bodies of work into individual research papers rather than publishing a single comprehensive piece of work.

Since two papers will, to the administration, look better than one. Another difference between the UK as well as US and say Germany as well as France is the "job description" of universities. Research takes place at research institutes which can be private or public.

In contrast, the UK universities, though registered as charities, very much operate like commercial entities. For those in search of some controversy, an article about the pay of vice chancellors in the UK: As a result, universities are required to provide as much income as possible through their own means.

In the grand scheme of things universities have three main avenues to sustain funding: Some institutions also have access to 4 trusts set up by former students who became wealthy or funds collected through donations.3 Understanding the Status of Higher Education in India B.

Legislations and Institutional Regulations in Higher Education In India, education is in the concurrent list, where federal states and the central government share responsibilities.v Until recently, legislations in higher education prohibited profit making in .

HALF-YEARLY JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH INDIAN EDUCATIONAL REVIEW book reviews on recent publications in the field of Higher Education and Career Growth and Joy at Work. POONAM AGRA WAL Academic Editor. Research Papers * Department of Education . of Higher Education in India: Challenges and Scepticism towards Serious Investments in the Sector January 27, ABSTRACT The paper examines the higher education scenario in India and attempts to point out why very few serious investors invest in higher educational sector.

Several factors are responsible for this. Education research is the scientific field of study that examines education and learning processes and the human attributes, interactions, organizations, and institutions that shape educational outcomes.

Even so, two studies shed light on the problem of plagiarism in higher education research. Cheema, Mahmood, Mahmood, and Shah () found that while some plagiarism in higher education research is intentional, some is unintentional and a matter of ignorance of plagiarism facts.

India has travelled a long way in education, from the “Guru -Shishya” practice of learning under the shade of a tree in medieval times, to becoming the second largest in the field of higher education world over after United States!

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