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A male lawmaker had been harassing her. The experience led her to turn down another position in the Statehouse, and to drop her political science major. Since October, about two dozen male state lawmakers have resigned, said they will resign, or been forced from their leadership roles after being accused of harassment or assault.

As legislative leaders grapple with how to create a safer environment for everyone, legislative interns remain among the most vulnerable and the least protected under workplace harassment laws. Some legislatures have sexual harassment policies that allow nonemployees to file claims to the legislature of sexual harassment against legislative staff and lawmakers, according to a Stateline review of policies from nearly all states.

This earlier movement began after a New York City judge in threw out a case in which an unpaid TV intern said a supervisor had assaulted her. State lawmakers at the time said the case revealed a loophole in the law concerning protections for unpaid interns.

But the movement to pass this type of legislation has died down in the past couple of years, leaving unpaid interns Mgmt 600 most states unable to collect legal damages for workplace harassment.

The lack of protections for young, unpaid female interns worries some advocates for women in politics, such as Erin Hottenstein, founder of Coloradoa group that Mgmt 600 to get women elected in Colorado.

Women are more likely than men to take unpaid internships, according to a recent study by Intern Bridge, a national consulting group, and women also are more likely to be victims of harassment. These women may be less likely to stay in politics if they experience harassment, Hottenstein said.

And while most male lawmakers are well-behaved, she said, the culture needs to change. No Clear Protections While there has been pushback about using unpaid interns, the practice is still common in governments and legislatures. Whether interns qualify as employees, and therefore have legal protection against workplace harassment, depends on many factors.

An intern is more likely to be considered an employee if she is guaranteed pay during the internship, or a job after her internship is over, or performs work normally done by an employee, according to guidance from the U.

An intern who receives academic credit in exchange for her work is less likely to be classified as an employee with the normal workplace protections. No interns have come forward with complaints of harassment in 30 years, according to Burdett Loomis, political science professor and internship coordinator at the university.

Tom Day, director of legislative administrative services in Kansas, said the same. Recent news reports, though, revealed that interns there have faced pervasive harassment in the Capitol. If you have specific issues, come and see me. They are researching policy. But Democratic state Rep.

Courtney Allen Curtis is not happy with the progress. There have been six harassment complaints since then, he said. While halting the program would decrease opportunities for aspiring politicos in the state, Curtis said it would be better than the alternative.

Protecting Interns Some states, such as New York and Washington, limit interactions between state lawmakers and interns, according to a recent review of legislative intern policies by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

In Rhode Island, the Senate chief legal counsel is conducting an immediate review of the page program after Republican state Sen. Nicholas Kettle was charged Monday with extorting sex from a teenage legislative page inaccording to the Providence Journal.

He also is present in the Capitol when the students are there, which he said may make it less likely that lawmakers will misbehave.

Mgmt 600

But several lawmakers have been accused of harassment there in recent months. Interns there were required to attend an anti-harassment training for the first time this year. The Legislature also hired a human resources director, hoping that a nonpolitical appointee would help women feel more comfortable and prevent retaliation.

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Mgmt 600

This further proves that, goals can be effectively realized through team work and commitment. Members of a team regardless of their personality, race, religion and political difference always have to seek a common ground where team work can prevail thereby resulting to successfully achieving common goal.

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