Kaymu business plan bd

The Sales activity of Kaymu Bangladesh starts with lead generating of the new potential sellers of different products. I would like to mention here, that it is not an easy task to do at all. After the sellers come on board to sell their products, Kaymu Sales Intern helps them to open their personalized e-store on Kaymu website. To register on Kaymu Website, Sellers need to fill up a form with their necessary details.

Kaymu business plan bd

January 15, 0 Kaymu is a virtual marketplace spread across a number of countries around the world. This online marketplace brings together buyers and sellers of various kinds of products including electronics, clothing, mobile devices and what not! Basically Kaymu is an aggregator that brings numerous dealers from social networking sites and other online platforms with their trending online sites and offers them a bigger stage and expert community of advertising, conveyance and in addition, client administration.

This is something that Bangladesh sellers have an edge on and can make the most of it.

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Additionally, what is truly vital is that Kaymu is extremely alluring for purchasers. E-commerce Situation in Bangladesh Bangladesh is one of the top 10 countries with the largest population where emerging trends are headed for smartphones and online transactions.

The young people these days possess entrepreneurial skills and wish to make progress. The e-commerce industry in Bangladesh is experiencing new horizons of success and innovation as more and more online trading platforms are emerging on daily basis.

The economic growth with better technological infrastructure and internet boom have altogether made Bangladesh an attractive market for international as well as local entrepreneurs. Kaymu not only caters to big companies but also to individuals, giving their businesses a chance to grow by providing a medium.

Kaymu is empowering regular people to sell, to earn and to succeed. The big advantage of Kaymu is that it offers them an avenue to increase sales without any capital investment. Kaymu Bangladesh has recently got hold of the no.

This has largely been because Kaymu offers convenient, reliable and secure transactions. The convenience of shopping online is ready to eliminate conventional methods of shopping. Also, mass transit traffic jams make it convenient for products to be purchased and sold online.

kaymu business plan bd

All sellers have a trusted delivery partner who is collecting cash on the doorsteps and then returning it to the merchant. As for the buyers, Kaymu has a system where they can rate sellers on the website. For example, five stars would mean the seller is reliable. This means part of the customers who were satisfied are coming back.

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But there is also a fresh input of new customers every month, which means we are growing fast as well. SMEs of Bangladesh are greatly influenced by now-changing e-commerce trends as it has provided them a new horizon to perform their business activities in a more feasible way.

The technological advancement and more internet usage have motivated various small business owners to shift their regular business operations online. This has reduced their costs greatly and has given them a wider scope to reach out to their target market.

Additionally, various start-ups have gained a great deal of advantage from this e-commerce boom and have come up with the innovative business ideas to make their mark in the market.Experienced Business Development Associate with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Skilled in Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, Microsoft Word, Customer Satisfaction, and Public caninariojana.com: Business Development . This paper examines the prospect of Kaymu Bangladesh in the Bangladeshi e-commerce industry.

This paper looks into the e-commerce industry in the Bangladesh, introduces Kaymu and its business model, compares it with current market players and looks to see the .

What is Kaymu’s business model? What problem is it looking to solve, and how do you do so? Adam: caninariojana.com is an online shopping platform giving all large and smaller businesses the ability to list their products for sale.

As at June , Kaymu’s operations have grown to include Mozambique, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Uzbekistan, and Philippines. Kaymu operates in 35 countries, 17 of which are in Africa, [12] and the rest in Europe and Asia.

Kaymu Bangladesh is a venture of worldly renowned organization, Rocket Internet. But, still Kaymu Bangladesh has not been able to provide the customers with the service that is expected by the customers as there is a service gap. caninariojana.com is actively using 44 technologies for its website.

These include Viewport Meta, IPhone / Mobile Compatible, and Google Font API.

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