Devry mgt 410 final exam

Question MGMT final exam 1.

Devry mgt 410 final exam

TCO 7 You are the recruiter and hiring manager for the position of vice president of sales for a company that sells athletic shoes on the West Coast.

Your boss asks you which method of recruiting you will prefer to use and why you will use it. What downsides to your recommended method exist? What is your answer? TCO 12 Describe three types of flexible benefits programs and state the one you would recommend be implemented.

Why would you pick that one program? Provide at least one solid business reason why. Senior management has called a meeting to discuss new employee orientation. ABC has not really done much in this area and wants a sound rationale from you before spending money on a formal program of new employee orientation.

Devry mgt 410 final exam

What would your presentation include, and how would you justify the expense? She called the office and found that the telephone had been disconnected. To which further protection is Luisa entitled under W. Her job must be given back to her.

Luisa has no protection. She was notified in an appropriate manner. The employee layoff number is too small. TCO 3 What are the two components of ethical decisions? Making ethical decisions always involves normative judgments and morality.

A normative judgment means that something is good or bad, right or wrong, better or worse. TCO 4 According to surveys, which of the following is the primary cause of ethical compromises in the work place?

TCO 5 Which of the following terms refers to the procedure used to determine the duties associated with job positions and the characteristics of the people to hire for those positions?

TCO 7 Which of the following things should be discussed in the initial job screening telephone interview? Virgin Islands for a 5-day sail.

HIST 410 Final Exam - DeVry

Training on how to sail, along with the expectation that all directors would carry their weight in cooking, cleaning, and all duties to survive the sail, was going to be part of their performance plan for the year.

The HR executive team decided this would assist in team spirit and cohesiveness in the organization. This is an example of which kind of employee development tactic?May 28,  · Devry HIST Midterm Exam. Question 1.

Question: (TCO 1, 2) Analyze how imperialism and militarism contributed to the outbreak of World .

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HIST Final Exam - DeVry. Posted by Course Home Work at Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. No comments: Post a Comment. MGMT Legal, Political and Ethical Dimensions o Law Week 2 IRAC Brief; ECE Week 2 .

MGMT FINAL EXAM (TCO 2) Name and describe or define the activities that are involved in the staffing function of HRM. (TCO 7) You are trying to get a job as a recruiter for an HR department for a large multinational company.

Product Description Devry HIST Midterm Exam. Question (TCO 1, 2) Analyze how World War 1, in its conduct and aftermath changed the economic, social, and political landscapes in the affected nations.

Use examples to explain how the war affected men . mgmt all assignments week 1 to 7. mgmt all discussions week 1 to 7. mgmt all homework week 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. mgmt business planning seminar devry.

Devry mgt 410 final exam

mgt complete class. mgt week 1 dq 1 surf shop comparison – new. reli final exam – devry. to purchase this, click here. Question MGMT final exam. 1. (TCO 2) Name and describe or define the activities that are involved in the staffing function of HRM. (Points: 40).

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