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Available Book Description The Current in Criticism is meant to provide the reader with a wide spectrum of current thinking, a sampling of some of the arguments, attitudes, and perspectives, which participate in the swirl of intense speculative energy that is so characteristic of contemporary theory. The editors describe this collection of 14 essays as "a tentative assessment of where we are and where we might be going in literary study, of what is current in criticism and of where the critical current might be tending. Except for a few visiting appointments, I spent all the first two decades of my career at Chicago, teaching literary criticism and theory, modern German literature, comparative literature, and introductory undergraduate "core" courses in the humanities.

Browse comparative literature essays criticism

As contemporary black male fiction writers have tried to free their subjects and themselves from this legacy to tell a story of liberation, they often unconsciously retell the story, making their heroes into modern-day Calibans.

He traces the Caliban legacy to early literary influences, primarily Ralph Ellison, and then deftly demonstrates its contemporary Read More The Spirit of Carnival: Literature provides a mirror in which carnival is reflected and refracted through the multifarious perspectives of verbal art.

In his original, wide-ranging book, David K. Danow catches the various reflections in that mirror, from the bright, life-affirming magical side of carnival, as revealed in the literature of Latin American writers, to its dark, grotesque, death-embracing aspect as illustrated in numerous novels depicting the dire experience of the Second World War.

The remarkable meshing of these two diametrically opposed yet A Critical Reintroduction Here is the ideal introduction to satire for the student and, for the experienced scholar, an occasion to reconsider the uses, problems, and pleasures of satire in light of contemporary theory.

Satire is a staple of the literary classroom. Dustin Griffin moves away from the prevailing moral-didactic approach established thirty some years ago to a more open view and reintegrates the Menippean tradition with the tradition of formal verse satire.


Read More Prospects Of Power: Tragedy, Satire, the Essay, and the Theory of Genre Genre—the articulation of "kind"—is one of the oldest and most continuous subjects of theoretical and critical commentary. Yet from Romanticism to postmodernism, the concept of genre has been punched with so many holes that today it hardly seems graspable, let alone viable.

By combining theory with dialectical literary histories of three significantly different genres—tragedy, satire, and the essay—John Snyder reconstructs genre as the figural deployment of symbolic power. One purpose of this approach is to reconcile the recent dismantling of representational and classificatory genres with the incipient notion in post-Althusser Marxism that genre is the crucial mediation between history and Read More Mark of the Beast: Death and Degradation in the Literature of the Great War The First World War is a watershed in the intellectual and spiritual history of the modern world.

Browse comparative literature essays criticism

On the one hand, it brought an end to a sense of optimism and decency bred by the prosperity of nineteenth-century Europe. On the other, it brought forth a sense of futility and alienation that has since pervaded European thought.

That cataclysmic experience is richly reflected in the work of writers and artists from both sides of the conflict, and this study provides a detailed analysis of two basic themes—death and degradation—that mark the literature about the war.

From their accounts most men Read More Perspectives on Contemporary Literature: Literature and the Historical Process In all parts of the world and in every age, many of the greatest works of literature have been shaped or inspired by the swirl of historical events. The wars, holocausts, and mushroom clouds of our own era haunt the pages of many twentieth-century writers; events of the past, even the remote past, also inspire many authors, though their work is contemporary in every way.

And at the same time the music and art of the past continue to re-echo in twentieth-century letters. The thirteen essays gathered here open a fine and varied view of the ways in which contemporary literature interacts with the other arts.

Surrealism in French painting and literature, collage theory and the cutups of William Burroughs, texts of Butor as shaped by works of Duchamp—this volume offers a rich harvest of perceptive Read More Reading Deconstruction, Deconstructive Reading Deconstruction—a mode of close reading associated with the contemporary philosopher Jacques Derrida and other members of the "Yale School"—is the current critical rage, and is likely to remain so for some time.

More than an introduction, this book makes a significant addition to the current debate in critical theory. Douglas Atkins first analyzes and explains deconstruction theory and practice.

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Focusing on such major critics and theorists as Derrida, J. Read More Kings and Captains: Variations on a Heroic Theme Charles Moorman reexamines several major works of the western heroic tradition: Disregarding the usual limited definitions which have controlled the study of heroic literature, he draws together these disparate works by proposing a theme common to them all: The figure of the king arises from the community with its need for responsible government, while the captain, derived from myth, is a highly individualistic, irresponsible heroic figure.

The tension which Moorman Read More Hateful Contraries: Studies in Literature and Criticism These ten essays, written over a period from toare bound together by their common concern with questions of the meaning of criticism and the larger meaning of literature itself.

These difficult questions W.After completing graduate study in Comparative Literature at Harvard, I took up a faculty position at the University of Chicago in Except for a few visiting appointments, I spent all the first two decades of my career at Chicago, teaching literary criticism and theory, modern German literature, comparative literature, and introductory undergraduate "core" courses in the humanities.

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