An overview of the bear

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An overview of the bear

It may be described as follows. In these areas, there is always a hidden blessing if you will simply persevere and dig deeper as you seek to discern the meaning. In this chapter, Daniel sees four unusual beasts that are clearly symbolic of four kingdoms in world history.

The first beast was a like a lion that had the wings of an eagle, while the second beast was a bear described as having "three ribs in the mouth of it. The third beast was a leopard with 4 heads, and the fourth beast was described as " There is no doubt that the vision describes four world kingdoms as an angel specifically tells Daniel that "these great beasts which are four are four kings which shall rise out of the earth.

Practically every scholar and prophecy commentator has routinely identified these 4 kingdoms of Daniel 7 as simply a reiteration of the four kingdoms described earlier in Daniel chapter two. In fact, several popular Bible editions actually interpret Daniel 7 right in their margin notes as the same four kingdoms mentioned in Daniel chapter two.

This gives the conventional interpretation an added credibility which it does not deserve. In this classic prophecy the king sees a great statue with An overview of the bear head of Gold, arms of Silver, thighs of Brass, and legs of Iron.

The description of the legs is further described as including two feet with ten toes.

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These three kingdoms are represented by the silver arms, the brass thighs and the iron legs. But are the four world empires of the statue in Daniel chapter two necessarily synonymous with the four beast kingdoms of Daniel chapter seven?

It is designed to mislead and deceive the believer in Jesus Christ into a deadly misunderstanding and false identification of the key components of last days prophetic fulfillment. Before I offer an alternative interpretation of the four beasts, I need to outline the reasons why the conventional synchronized interpretation is usually followed.

For example, in Daniel chapter two, the head of gold is described as superior to the kingdoms of silver, brass, and iron. There is very little to identify the second beast the bear with the second "statue" empire of Daniel chapter 2 the Medo-Persian so interpreters usually focus on the third kingdom as it provides a more credible argument.

Another apparent connection between the third kingdoms is found in yet another chapter of the book of Daniel. In that passage found in Daniel chapter eightAlexander is symbolized as a "rough goat" with a large horn.

In that vision, the large horn is broken, and replaced by four horns; and once again, an angel is there to interpret the vision. The angel tells Daniel that "the great horn is Now that being broken, whereas four stood up for it, four kingdoms shall stand up out of the nation The fact that the Grecian empire the third "statue" empire was divided four ways helped to identify the four heads of the Leopard the third "beast" vision with Alexander and his four generals.

The final factor that is usually used to connect the four "statue" kingdoms with the four "beast" kingdoms is the fact that both fourth kingdoms incorporate the number ten. In the statue dream, the ten toes on the feet of the iron legs the fourth and final kingdom of chapter two are specifically highlighted.

In the beast vision, the fourth and final beast has ten horns. It is these two chapters, and several other passages in the book of Revelation, that give rise to the notion that the Roman empire will somehow be "revived" by the prophetic figure we commonly call The Antichrist.

Because the fourth beast kingdom is plainly seen to be the final world dominion run by The Antichrist, it is crucial that we accurately identify these four kingdoms. I contend that is precisely what is occurring today, and the Christian church is running out of time to recognize the truth.

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There are two separate sets of four kingdoms. These two visions are millennia apart and the key to understanding each of them is the nation of Israel. The common denominator in every one of them is their relationship to the Jewish people.

Beginning with Babylon, all four kingdoms dominated the people of Israel. The fourth kingdom the legs of ironthe Roman empire, presided over the destruction of Israel in 70 AD.

The fourth kingdom also provided the countdown to the first coming of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Conversely, the four beast kingdoms function in reverse as they provide the historic countdown to the resurrection of the state of Israel; and once again these empires also serve as a sequential countdown to the second coming of Christ.

The first great beast was " This beast does not describe the Babylonian empire of the 5th century BC. It begins the historic chronology of nations that brought about the resurrection of the modern state of Israel.

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In this chapter, Daniel sees four unusual beasts that are clearly symbolic of four kingdoms in world history. The first beast was a like a lion that had the wings of an eagle, while the second beast was a bear described as having "three ribs in the mouth of it." third beast was a leopard with 4 heads, and the fourth beast was described as " dreadful .

An overview of the bear

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An overview of the bear
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